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Pyrite Cluster

Pyrite Cluster

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An excellent stone, Pyrite is a cluster of rocks that have been used since ancient times for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. This crystal symbolizing wealth, success, and good luck plays an amazing role in shielding the wearer from negativity and danger. Also called as Fool's gold, is basically a compound of iron and sulfur whose golden color resembles gold to the untrained eye.

Place it in your office or in any corner of your house, and experience the never before will power, decision-making capacity, and a sense of self-confidence. Stunning and rustic in appeal, this eye-catching crystal also inspires those people with professions like architecture, art, mathematics, science, etc. Enjoy your shopping!

Name: Pyrite
Also known as: Fool's Gold
Befitting: Wealth, Grounding, Will Power, Prosperity
Minerals: Iron Sulfide
Approximate Weight: 50-100g approxmatiely

(since these are natural stones, weight may vary from product to product)

Benefits :

  • Prosperity and Abundance: Pyrite is also known as "fool's gold" because of its resemblance to gold. This association with wealth and abundance has led to the belief that pyrite clusters can attract financial prosperity and abundance when placed in the home or workspace
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem: Pyrite is thought to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. Some people use pyrite clusters as a tool for building self-assurance and overcoming feelings of inadequacy.
  • Protection: Pyrite is often considered a protective stone that can shield against negative energies, including psychic attacks. Some people believe that placing a pyrite cluster in their living space can help create a protective energy field.
  • Mental Clarity: Pyrite is said to promote mental clarity and focus, making it easier to concentrate on tasks and make decisions. It may also help alleviate brain fog and confusion.
  • Feng Shui: Pyrite clusters are often used in Feng Shui practices to bring positive energy and prosperity into a space. They are typically placed in the wealth and abundance area of the home or office.
  • Grounding and Stability: Pyrite is considered a grounding stone that can help anchor one's energy to the Earth. It is believed to provide stability and a sense of security, especially during times of change and transition.
  • Creativity: Some individuals use pyrite clusters to stimulate creativity and inspire innovative thinking. It is thought to encourage fresh ideas and creative problem-solving.
  • Energy and Vitality: Pyrite is sometimes associated with boosting energy levels and increasing vitality. It is believed to help alleviate feelings of fatigue and lethargy, promoting a sense of vitality and motivation.



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Are the crystals energized & cleansed

Yes, we energize & cleanse crystals.

To Re-energize, you can put the crystals under moonlight on full moon, for few hours or overnight.

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