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Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendant

Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendant

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Black tourmaline is a popular crystal known for its grounding and protective properties. Here are some potential benefits of wearing a black tourmaline pendant:

Protection from negative energy: Black tourmaline is believed to have the ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, providing protection from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), psychic attacks, and negative emotions.

Grounding and centering: Wearing a black tourmaline pendant may help you stay grounded and centered, especially during times of stress or anxiety.

Boosts physical vitality: Black tourmaline is thought to help boost physical vitality and energy levels by increasing the flow of oxygen in the body.

Enhances mental clarity: Black tourmaline is said to have a calming effect on the mind, which can help enhance mental clarity and focus.

Balances the chakras: Black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra, which is responsible for grounding and stability. Wearing a black tourmaline pendant can help balance this chakra and promote a sense of stability and security.


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Are the crystals energized & cleansed

Yes, we energize & cleanse crystals.

To Re-energize, you can put the crystals under moonlight on full moon, for few hours or overnight.

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