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Green Aventurine Heart Pendant

Green Aventurine Heart Pendant

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Green aventurine is a type of quartz known for its green color and translucent appearance. It is a popular choice for jewelry, including pendants, due to its beauty and alleged healing properties.

Some of the benefits of wearing a green aventurine pendant may include:

Attracting prosperity and good luck: Green aventurine is believed to be a stone of abundance, and wearing a green aventurine pendant can help attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

Promoting emotional healing: Green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to help heal emotional wounds and promote feelings of peace and harmony.

Enhancing creativity: Green aventurine is thought to stimulate creativity and imagination, making it a popular choice for artists, writers, and other creative types.

Improving physical health: Green aventurine is believed to have a variety of physical healing properties, including aiding in the treatment of allergies, migraines, and eye problems.

Overall, wearing a green aventurine pendant can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection, with potential benefits for both your physical and emotional well-being.

How To Measure Wrist Size

Using an Inchtape, measure your wrist so that the fit is tight or snug.

Then add 0.5 inch to fit measurement to find your bracelet size. If your wrist measures 7 inches, your bracelet size is 7.5 inch.

If you dont have inchtape can order normal size, which is 7.5 inch.


For Online Payment no extra charge, for Cash on Delivery 50Rs extra is charged.

Your order will be dispatched the next day you place an order, and it will take 4-6 days to get delivered. 

Are the crystals energized & cleansed

Yes, we energize & cleanse crystals.

To Re-energize, you can put the crystals under moonlight on full moon, for few hours or overnight.

How to Wear

We Energize & Cleanse the Crystal before dispatching them, after you receive can cleanse with salt water.

In a bowl take salt water, put the bracelet in that for 1-2hr, then can wash once with normal water and can wear on preferably left hand.

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